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About Us

We are a different kind of CHARITY; we are the CHARITY OF SPORTS!
Our mission is to start an educational project in Gambia by organising sports events. We use all our earnings to fund our educational project.
Get to know our motto:

The first numbers of the proyect in The Gambia

+34 648 637 008




And our family is expanding

We are looking for volunteers who have a dynamic, proactive, and creative approach to life. It is also important that you know how to work in a team and that you are knowledgeable about your chosen team inside of the charity. We love volunteers who are curious and eager to learn and above all, volunteers who are willing to make the world a better place.


- They offer the opportunity to be part of one of the sub-teams inside of the charity for this coming season.

- They require a proactive attitude, constant participation and commitment.

- Volunteers must also attend our sport fundraising events. They are the soul of PLAYING!


At PLAYING, everything we have achieved so far is due to the volunteers that attend our fundraising sports events: the soul of PLAYING! Being a casual volunteer offers the opportunity to get to know the charity at your own time and pace while participating in one of our sports tournament. Get in touch on Whatsapp (0034648637008) to help out with our events!



Plan it, record it, set it up

They are in charge of recording and filming our sports tournaments, meetings, collaboration proposals with possible partner organisations, promotional materials and content for social media. They also draft the public advertisements for the charity and this year they are thinking about making a short film about PLAYING.!


Commemorating Milestones

Everyone will get their pictures taken in our tournaments. The PLAYING photographers come to the events, not only to enjoy the tournaments, but also to commemorate the best moves. We then upload the highlights on our social media so that all players can recall their greatest memories at our tournaments.


The Speakers

What we do at PLAYING is great and we want to let the world know about it. This team is in charge of chronicling the events, writing and sending press releases to the media, as well as reporting on the new project: we are also starting a regular newsletter on the progress of the charity.


The Digital Face

Another great responsibility. All our actions, tournaments, progress in Gambia, etc. have to be recorded on the web. Concise and detailed information as well as event registrations and promotions are all on our webpage. We use as our main tool to design our website.


The day to day of the Charity

We have profiles on the following social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. This team is in charge of observing the trends, interacting with our followers, keeping them updated, posting content about our actions, our progress in Gambia and our latest charity milestones. 


A Sight to Behold

Event posters, web images, social media content, briefing documents for meetings, presentations, t-shirts ...They design all of it for the rest of the communications team at PLAYING.


The fact that you are reading this now, is only possible thanks to the communications team. The volunteers of the communication team are in charge of recording everything we do at PLAYING to ensure transparency and honesty in the charity. They are the front face of the charity because they ensure that anyone can have access to any information regarding the charity at any given point in time. This is also due to them being constantly in touch with the rest of the teams inside the charity.



This team is in charge of developing the marketing strategies of the charity. They work alongside all the other teams to develop and build a strong corporate image, achieve good branding on a wide network of sports as well as corporate alliances that make PLAYING the true charity of the sports.


Making Contacts

The aim of this team is to gain institutional support for the charity. They will develop a strategy to approach new organisations, attend presentation meetings and manage relationships with PLAYING investors.


You play, everyone profits

We have marketing managers in each sports team that are in charge of improving all our sports events and generally anything they can think of. Each sub-team directs the communication campaign of the events of their sports line.



1+1 is...7?

This team is in charge of developing an accounting system template, which can be managed online through platforms such as Google Drive and others, to keep all PLAYING accounts up to date. They are in touch with all other teams, which notify them on all the income and expenses of the charity.


Laws, Norms, Policies...

In PLAYING we have many ideas on how to grow our charity. The legal team is in charge of guiding us in all the legal aspects of our big dreams. Permits, contracts, agreements, decrees, norms, insurances and much more. Everything must be in sync to move forward.


The entire structure of PLAYING, which includes all the tasks and activities we do, would not be possible without a powerful administration team that is in charge of the day to day accounting and legal issues of PLAYING. Not all of us are experts in law or bookkeeping but the charity is in safe hands thanks to this team.



This is the oldest PLAYING team! They organize all events related to Basketball: booking courts, talking to clubs, controlling the registration processes, setting up the competition system and much more.


This year is going to be great. They want to open a new basketball line to include players of all abilities.



The rugby team was launched last season but it promises a lot. They organize all events related to this sport: renting pitches, talking to clubs, controlling the registration process, setting up the competition system and much more.


This season they are going to launch a 15x15 tournament and who knows, maybe a beach tournament?


Volleyball was another great addition to the charity last season. They organize all events related to this sport: renting pitches, talking to clubs, controlling the registration process, setting up the competition system and much more.


This year they want to do four events. The second was on the 16th and 17th of December. Will they also attempt a Beach Volleyball tournament?


This team is another exciting challenge. This season we want to launch our first Padel tournament. For this we are going to create a team that will be responsible for: getting pitches, talking to clubs, controlling the registration process, and setting up the competition system and much more.


We will do at least one tournament, hopefully more. Either way, we are sure it is going to be a roaring success.


At PLAYING, we're still eager for more. This year we also launched handball. We want to create a new team that will be in charge of: getting pitches, talking to clubs, controlling the registration process, and setting up the competition system and much more.


We love to see how all kinds of players from all sorts of sports are increasingly joining PLAYING.


The next step is to launch PLAYING-UNIVERSITY. We are looking for representatives of all universities with sports courts to organize dynamic and engaging sport parties.


What better way than creating an educational project in Gambia than through educational entities such as universities?

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