Many small people, in many small places, doing small things, can change the world.  Eduardo Galeano.


That’s the reason why any help is appreciated in all events. There’s always something to be done.

Decorating, helping players, organising… You can contribute by helping out in all these things, whilst working in good atmosphere and feeling like we have known each other for ever.


 Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, Gambia, Marketing and Communication, are some of the working groups that take part in PLAYING.


PLAYING can develop itself more and more every year because these groups dedicate plenty of time to the charity.


Here you can find lots of possibilities to do incredible things!

Considering that we have a big pool of players, playing pitches and contacts we will definitely improve the development of the project.



Raising awareness about volunteering and ways to help is one of our strengths. And we do it even better through sports...

With thousands of students in the facilities, there is no limit for us if we work all together.


More and more companies seek a differentiation from their competitors through their Corporate Social Responsibility.

What better way than doing so by helping other people?

There are already many brands that collaborate with us in many ways. Do you want to know how?


       If you want to take part in PLAYING but you are not entirely sure how you wish to cooperate, then helping out at our events is your best bet.

    You will meet the team, experience a sports event from a different perspective, and you can be part of the result. If the charity has come this far, its thanks to all those who have contributed with their time, making each event better than the previous one, and help to fundraise money for those people who have fewest resources.

     Our way is an unusual way to volunteer because you don´t get directly involved with a social cause. However, with your help, the competitions go ahead, and the funds raised and invested in the educational project in Gambia which makes everything meaningful.

    Preparing the facilities, receiving and organising players, coordinating matches and their results, answering queries...  You will always feel good vibes in our unbeatable sports environment.



      Go above and beyond. Our working groups are formed by groups of young people who carry out the tasks of the charity on a daily basis.

           With more responsibility and more specific tasks, our working groups develop the Charity’s strategy and coordinate the sport events of the season.

           All this work requires a greater commitment, with almost daily discussions, monthly reunions and a lot of independent work.

           We are constantly improving our skills and learning new things, because most of the time we have to do tasks that we have never done before.

           In addition to the working groups, we are looking for more specific volunteers to be in charge of the Charity's accounting and finances and a CRM’s management.

           Send us your CV and a motivation letter. We are looking forward to meeting you.



        This is one of the backbones that make PLAYING so big. We may organise events, but it is up to all our volunteers to carry the event out by advertising our tournaments to potential players.

         To be a PLAYING Club is to be part of the Organisation. The Club should inform its teams about our events, share information on social media and allow us to use their pitches for our events. In essence, the club should carry out a charitable alliance that reinforces its values and becomes a direct part of the end result: an educational project in Gambia created through sports events in Spain.

For the moment, our family of #ClubesPLAYING is formed by:



          PLAYING was created in a school of Madrid during the academic year of
2011/2012, and it has now reached Universities. We consider the support of
educational institutions the key for the development of our project.

           Schools and universities can also help to change the world.
Why don’t we start now?

           We can start by organising sports events for every student in the centre, giving talks of awareness and social entrepreneurship based on our learning in the organisation and we are happy to accommodate any suggestion or ideas you may have.

        You are also going to be the mouthpiece which communicates the actions of the charity. It’s all about sitting down and thinking about how we can make PLAYING even greater.



          Nowadays, socially responsible companies have a greater impact on society. With PLAYING the possibilities are endless. Shall we start?

              Money is not our main concern. Instead, we worry about people.
We are looking for companies that are committed to change the world by
carrying our charitable actions which will create a brighter future.

            PLAYING works thanks to a network of charitable companies that are always there to give us support and to improve our events by donating materials and products so that we can improve the quality of the events.


         We have talked about infinite possibilities. We have been thinking about organising an inter-company event for some time. Are you interested? JOIN US!

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