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28 Aug 2019

Cuando una ONG habla de “la contraparte” quiere referirse a aquellas personas en terreno que si abandonasen el proyecto tendrían que ser reemplazados inmediata.

18 Aug 2019

Os presentamos a Bubackar Cham, un profesor gambiano experimentado que nos está ayudando a desarrollar el proyecto de la Basori – Playing Nursery School.

31 Jul 2018

"To be a child in Gambia is not so difficult. You can see them, they are fully free. They go and play. If they are hungry they go to their compound and the parents prepare foor for them. They take a shower, they dress them nicely and they go out again", Ismaila Jallow, baker of Basori.

12 Jul 2018

"When you are not educated then your life is gonna be difficult. You don' t have money to work, to do nothing", Gibril Dumbuya. Gambia, july 2018.

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Queremos que los más pequeños entiendan que somos iguales

August 28, 2019

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