Starting our own project
          After some years collaborating with other projects we wanted to go even further. We like getting further involved on the matters we are committed to. That is why we were looking for a project in which we could have a high level of connection that gave meaning to our work. We needed a project in which our contribution could have a long-term social impact, tangibility, viability and suitability. After doing some research, we realized that the best solution was the greatest adventure: creating our own project.
An educational project

      What kind of project did we want to start? We started thinking about needs, inequalities and problems that could be solved in this world. We knew that it’s really hard for a person to face and solve all of these issues. But we can do more than we think.

       The fact is that among many different needs, everything was rooted in the same problem: the lack of access to education. Education is indeed the most powerful tool against inequalities. The absence of education was the first cause of every negative impact we observed.

       Following our studies, we decided to create an educational project. It was as easy and simple as that. We did not want preconceived ideas. We just wanted to study the needs of the village, talk to the population, listen to them and make the next move together.

       "There is no better investment of time and money than the education of a child. Because children are our future."

Why Gambia?

     Out of the 55 countries in Africa, which have so many needs that need to be met, we had to focus our help on creating our first educational project, the
cornerstone of everything that will come in the future.
   We carried out a study of the entire continent, covering variables of all kinds: armed conflicts, development indexes, terrorism, epidemics, visas, transportation, political relations, and language…

   After filtering the countries that needed more help at that time, and prioritizing favorable conditions for the development of the project, we decided that the country in which we could help the most was Gambia.

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